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This is a two-hour session with an experienced teacher and a professional model, in the excellent workspace of Great Bridgeford Village Hall with refreshment facilities. We take a short drinks break halfway through the evening.

The drawing sessions generally consists of a couple of short poses and a longer one. Occasionally there will be one pose for the whole of the evening or a two-session pose to allow a more in-depth study.

Drawing boards, easels and drawing ‘donkeys’ (for drawing while seated - with a built-in drawing board support) are all supplied at the venue. Students bring their own drawing and painting materials, though A1 size cartridge paper is available from the teacher at 30p a sheet. Masking tape or drawing board clips, cartridge paper, a soft pencil (B, 2B, or 3B) and an eraser would be the minimum drawing materials to start.

This course is for,

- beginners who would love to learn to draw the human figure but who need help with drawing and observational skills.

- students who have already gained experience on previous courses and, having perhaps already developed a personal style and favourite medium, need less instruction, but value the input of a teacher where appropriate.

- experienced artists who would like to use the opportunity to work from a professional model in a friendly and creative environment.

The current group members have already gained a good level of skill, but they make new students welcome and you will feel at home right away. It is a great opportunity to see fellow students using very varied drawing techniques. There is no feeling of competition, and you will see the importance of careful observation, composition and personal expression in the wide range of drawing styles around you.

Previously a Stafford College course, we are now self-funding. The current cost is £15 per session (payable in advance on your first session for a block of five sessions in advance, to ensure that the course can run). If there are dates you know in advance that you will be unable to attend then these will not be included in the cost, however the cost of any further sessions missed will not be refundable.

Tea and coffee is available at the break for 25p per cup to cover costs.

The sessions are from 7:00pm-9:00pm

Note that there is no class on the second Monday of every month

If you would like to begin with a trial one-off session, or you would like more information please phone the teacher, Peter Fletcher on 01785 816284

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